Kim Markin

Kim MarkinWellness Navigator

Kimberly J. Markin, a clinical social worker and certified yoga instructor (RYT-200), brings a wealth of experience as the Wellness Navigator at Modern Minds. Kim’s presence embodies a commitment to enriching lives through mindfulness, compassion, and the pursuit of holistic wellness.

Kim commenced her yoga journey over two decades ago, initially drawn to the practice while residing in New York City. Seeking a holistic approach to build both physical and emotional strength, she found her path in yoga, developing a lifelong commitment to its art and philosophy. The mat, for Kim, is a space where clarity of mind meets physical strength, resulting in a profound sense of joy – an experience she is impassioned about sharing with others.

While in New York, Kim worked as a primary therapist for Good Shepherd Services in NYC where she provided individual and group therapy sessions, conducted family assessments & collaborated with diagnostic team.

Upon arriving in Charleston, she led the Mindful Movement program at Sullivans Island Elementary School providing weekly lessons, imparting the benefits of mindfulness and yoga to the student body. Her dedication to community well-being extended to Sunrise Children’s School, where she facilitated programs to foster mindfulness. As a devoted volunteer with Empowered Minds, Kim actively contributes to the organization’s mission of bringing yoga and mindfulness to public schools in downtown Charleston, showcasing her commitment to the broader community. In addition to her work with children, Kim enjoys teaching all ages, including for the Mount Pleasant Towne Center Athleta Sweat Series

Kim’s earned her Bachelor’s degree from James Madison University and a Master’s degree in Social Work from Columbia University.

In her role at Modern Minds, Kim guides clients as their coach, mentor and ally, ensuring their journey toward holistic mental health is supported, personalized and effective.

When not at work, Kim can be found relishing time with her husband and three children. Together, they share a love for surfing, travel, music, and their mischievous, yet adorable family dog, Turtle.