The Four Cornerstones of Mind-First Wellness™

April 9, 2024

The Four Cornerstones of Mind-First Wellness™  is our trademarked wellness philosophy designed to help you live more balanced, healthy and purposeful lives.

The Four Cornerstones are: Fuel, Reflect, Move and Connect.

Fuel are the practices that regulate all essential body functions. These create a stable foundation for our journeys. Without appropriate fuel, we can’t move toward what is meaningful to ourselves.

This cornerstone directly affects our gut, brain and mood. Some Fuel practices include sleep, hydration and nutrition.

Reflect is how we connect with ourselves, or inward connection. Reflection creates space and stillness for self-awareness, allowing for moments of clarity on our values and time to consider whether we are headed in a direction aligned with those values. Reflection makes space for self-compassion, which fuels growth.

This cornerstone creates the foundation for learning and intentional growth. Some Reflect examples include journaling, meditation and breathwork.

Move are the practices that activate our bodies and minds. Moving our bodies promotes positive shifts in perspective so we can see a life problem in a new way and with greater clarity.

Movement conditions our bodies so we can have the physical health needed to do the things we enjoy. This cornerstone promotes psychological flexibility while boosting energy, mood and concentration. Some Move practices include strength training, running, HIIT, cycling, group fitness or outdoor hobbies.

Connect is how we relate to others and the world around us. Social connection is the way we positively impact others’ lives—and the way others can positively impact us.

Connection offers a sense of purpose and fosters happiness. Some Connect practices include religion or spirituality, spending time with friends or family, or engaging with the broader community.

At the heart of these Four Cornerstones is a modern mind – what we call a flexible mindset – so you’re empowered to live the life you ultimately want.

At Modern Minds, we treat clients using the science of both psychology and wellness. Our programs are designed to help you foster flexible mindsets, be more resilient and thrive in today’s modern world.