Laura Eddy, PhD

Laura Eddy, PhDLicensed Clinical Psychologist

Laura D. Eddy is a licensed clinical psychologist and a bona fide Carolina girl, hailing from Southern Pines, North Carolina. She has always had a deep love for exercise and the outdoors, having participated in a number of team sports and growing up with a family of athletes and self-described beach bums.

She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in Classical Studies. After discovering a passion for clinical psychology, she completed her master’s degree  in Clinical Health Psychology at Appalachian State University, then continued her training at Virginia Commonwealth University and graduated with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 2018. She completed her predoctoral internship at UT Health Sciences Center in San Antonio, Texas, and a fellowship at the ADHD Clinic at UNC Greensboro. Prior to starting her position at Modern Minds, she held a tenure-track faculty position at The Citadel in the Clinical/Counseling Program, where she engaged in the training of licensed counselors and conducted research on the use of cognitive-behavioral treatment for adults with symptoms of executive functioning difficulties. As a part of this work, she began to consider how fostering growth and wellness might go beyond treating symptoms, and how integrating wellness practices with psychotherapy could better help people work toward their own goals.

She lives on James Island with her husband and young son, and enjoys running, yoga, cycling, and spending time at the beach on weekends.

Personal Statement: “I wholeheartedly endorse Modern Minds’ approach toward promoting wellness by incorporating evidence-based psychotherapy and wellness practices. I am thrilled to be working as a part of a team that holds the same values I do, and I believe our approach represents the future for healthcare. Here, we believe that wellness is more than just the absence of a diagnosis or psychopathology. Wellness refers to living with insight, self-knowledge, and engaging in behaviors consistent with one’s values and goals.”