The Modern Minds office will send you an invitation to the email address we have in file.  The invitation will expire 7 days after being sent. To activate:

1. Click on the Sign Up Nowbutton to begin.

2. Enter your:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email (must be the same email address used for the invitation)
  • Create a password
  • When finished, select Sign Up
OnPatient account sign up

Next you will need to validate your account with:

  • Your social security number if you gave it to the office.


  • Your date of birth AND phone number.
  • Select Confirm and Connect

Once you have connected, you will be taken to the appointments page.

Validate account image

Video Visits or an In-Office appointment

Video visits will now leverage an integrated Telehealth capability instead of Zoom.  A ‘Start Video Visit’ button in OnPatient and on your reminder emails will automatically connect you to your session.

Video Visits or an In-Office appointment
Video Visits or an In-Office appointment

Scheduling an In-Office visit: choosing the correct office:

When scheduling an in-office appointment, select your provider first, then select the provider’s office location.  Note that the office locations are specific to each provider.

Scheduling an In-Office visit

You can easily pay your bills through OnPatient

1. Log into OnPatient and click Billing. Click Payment Methods to add a card.

2. When you add a payment method, enter the card and billing information and click Save Card. Once the card is on file you can use it for payments.

You can easily pay your bills through OnPatient


1. Download the Dr. Chrono OnPatient Portal from the App. Store or Google Play Store

2. SignIn using the same information that you did when you registered for your account

Mobile App Work
Mobile App Work

The main profile page gives quick access to health data entered by your provider that includes:

  • Medications, Medical Conditions, Allergies, Lab Results, Immunizations

Appointment scheduling is made easy by the clicking the icon to schedule and manage your appointments. You can see your past and upcoming appointments. Select the plus icon to schedule a new appointment.

Mobile App Work

OnPatient Account FAQ's