$50,000 Donated to Charleston-Based nonprofit Modern Minds via Noah Kahan’s The Busyhead Project

September 30, 2023

$50,000 Donated to Charleston-Based nonprofit Modern Minds via Noah Kahan’s The Busyhead Project

Modern Minds offers innovative approach to holistic well-being, mental health

 Charleston, SC – Singer-songwriter Noah Kahan is doing more than providing the Lowcountry with an unforgettable show this weekend; he’s changing lives with a significant donation to support mental health.

The Busyhead Project, along with an anonymous donor, presented Charleston-based Modern Minds with a $50,000 check before the sold-out Friday night show at Credit One Stadium. The money will go to Modern Minds’ pro bono services as well as supplement its sliding scale program for under-resourced residents.

Dr. Lauren Carter, clinical director of Modern Minds, commended the work of the Busyhead Project for raising awareness about mental health and the human experience of mental struggles as well as shedding light on the resources and tools available in the Lowcountry.

“This generous support is a lifeline for those who have courageously raised up their hand asking for mental health support but lacked the means,” said Dr. Lauren Carter, clinical director of Modern Minds. “Mental health and wellness resources should be within everyone’s reach, and Noah’s commitment brings us closer to that standard.”

Kahan has spoken publicly about his personal experience with the transformative power of therapy, and he’s said he’s on a mission to pay it forward and extend a helping hand to those seeking mental health support.

The Busyhead Project works to destigmatize mental health issues and provide support to local organizations offering mental health care. Kahan set an ambitious goal of raising $1 million for mental health, and with this latest donation, he’s raised a total of $971,194.

Mental health has been front and center to the Roper St. Francis Concert Series at Credit One Stadium this year. Roper St. Francis Healthcare launched a campaign, Music for the Mind, to celebrate the power of music and its positive impact on mental health. The campaign included a mural being commissioned as a visual expression of Music for the Mind.


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