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Opening Summer 2020

We hear you,
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One out of every five adults in America experiences feelings of anxiety or depression. Only one-third of those people seek treatment... - ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA

About Us

Embracing Challenges, Empowering Growth

Located in downtown Charleston, Modern Minds is a best-in-­class mental health and wellness center. We partner with the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) to provide innovative treatment for adults who are struggling with mental wellness, and who are seeking growth in their personal and professional lives.

Modern Minds, together with MUSC Health, is revolutionizing the traditional approach to mental wellness

Traditional medical models stamp patients with a label and prescribe a generic treatment plan.

At Modern Minds, we understand the interconnectedness between mental and physical wellness issues. We work towards comprehensive, positive, and lasting solutions that fit your needs and lifestyle.

Personalized to fit

We will collaborate with you to form a plan that seamlessly fits into your life—which may include:As a Modern Minds client, you will have access to a dedicated Wellness Mentor who will support you through your journey, providing an accessible point of contact, mobile support between appointments, and customized guidance for your roadmap to health.

Strive for growth

By the end of your time at Modern Minds, you will have shifted your perspective. Your new relationship with your thoughts, emotions, and actions will empower you to live in the present and in pursuit of things important to you and your future.

With your commitment and Modern Minds' approach, you will move towards balanced wellness in all areas of your life: physical activity, nutrition, mindfullness, relationships, family, and work.

Our Team

Exceptional Providers, Exceptional Care

Drawing on the most solid research-based methods in behavioral health today, our staff is trained by Dr. Steven Hayes, a world-renowned clinical psychologist and developer of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT ); and guided by Dr. Anne Marie Albano, a preeminent Columbia University professor and clinical practitioner specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

You can be sure that you are working with psychologists and psychiatrists who are among the most highly skilled experts in anxiety and depression in the country.

Staff photo of Anne Marie Albano

Anne Marie Albano

Executive Director

Anne Marie is an internationally recognized clinical psychologist, researcher, and speaker. She is among the most important figures in the treatment of anxiety over the last 20 years and leads our team here as Executive Director of Modern Minds.

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Staff photo of Kevin Gray

Kevin Gray

Chief Medical Officer

Kevin is a preeminent psychiatrist and researcher who is best known for his significant contributions to the treatment of Substance Use and Abuse. Kevin serves as our Chief Medical Officer, ensuring optimal integration of the program’s wellness services with medical management.

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Staff photo of Ashley Bullock

Ashley Bullock

Chief Psychology Officer

Ashley is a skilled and experienced psychologist who has specialized training in ACT, CBT, DBT and Family Therapy. She has dedicated her career to treating patients, couples, and families from diverse backgrounds, integrating treatment approaches to meet the individual needs of each patient.

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If you’re experiencing a medical emergency or are considering harming yourself or someone else, please call 911 for immediate help.