Claire Johnson

Claire JohnsonWellness Navigator

Claire Johnson is a Sewanee alum where she received her degree in Psychology and Women and Gender studies. At Sewanee, she worked in a caregiving and relationships lab, conducting research on positive affect and close relationships. Following undergrad, she extended her passion for psychology by working in a cognitive lab with children, researching how they learn best. Her broad research experience has pulled her to the message that Modern Minds exudes: that all humans are vulnerable, and pain and healing is part of the human condition. As a Wellness Mentor, Claire is empowered by the chance to help team embrace where they are in life, see themselves as a whole person rather than a diagnosis, and discover wellness tools that allow them to reach their individualized goals. Claire values the outdoors and loves to explore the beach as well as local state parks. She enjoys reading a good book, especially Harry Potter, and trying out new recipes to share a meal with family and friends.