Andi Tatem

Andi TatemOffice Assistant

Andi has thoroughly enjoyed living in the Lowcountry since relocating from Washington, D.C. in 2013, and she embraces the opportunity to welcome you with smiles when you come to the front desk of Modern Minds. With over 20 years of experience in all aspects of Human Resources Management and the joys and antics of raising five fantastic children, Andi deeply values mental health and stress reduction. Her background includes living in several states, working in multiple industries for large corporations, smaller enterprises, and startups. Andi’s education is in business administration with concentration in HR, plus certifications in employment law, as a recognition professional, and as a Reiki practitioner. Family, pets, church, paddle boarding, and Pilates enrich her life outside of the wonderful work being done at Modern Minds. Our team excites her because each talented member is a truly caring individual with amazing compassion and impressive skills to share. Since Andi has loved ones who live daily with mental health conditions, she has experienced the contributions that trusted mental health professionals provide and feels honored to serve you in your journey.